SCOTT, Lindsay

Lindsay Scott’s childhood was spent in Western Australia where he experienced a wide range of social and physical environments. His family lived in many locations, including the gold fields, remote mining areas, farms in the south-west and the riverside suburbs of Perth.

He studied art in Canberra and Burnie. The early years gave him an affinity with Australia’s flora and fauna and a profound love of the Australian Outback. Being a keen sailor, he also sailed and painted the Queensland coast and was ‘artist in residence’ on a square rigged training ship.

Lindsay pursued art for a number of years in Melbourne. It was interrupted by service in the A.I.F. and the R.A.N.V.R. Following which he concentrated on fine art, illustration and theatre design and from 1964-1980 he taught fine art with the Education Department.

Lindsay’s paintings, portraits and sketches have been widely sold in Australia since 1956 and his work is represented in collections in Japan, U.S.A. and South Africa. The High Country paintings ‘The Man from Snowy River’ and the Central Queensland series have been highly successful.

After spending significant periods of time travelling, camping and working in the outback including many cattle properties. Lindsay Scott’s unique experience and visual talents enabled him to capture the dust, drama and spectacle of ‘The Great Australian Outback Cattle Drive’ in a limited edition series of signed and numbered fine art giclee prints for your enjoyment.

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